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if i could not

google analytics tells me that someone searching for the phrase "if i could not to love you" was led thereby to my lj. i can guess neither what content the searcher was seeking nor what content in my lj could possibly have matched this. so i decided i'd write a poem responsive to that search so that my mystery guest or anyone else searching that phrase in the future would have a legitimate result.

if i could not

if i could not to love you
expel ego and its retinue
transmute my milieu intérieur
fructify this terra sere abjure
each jejune folly and daft miscue

endure each hour unmet yet eschew
ill-suited suitors doomed faute de mieux
i'd meanly sabotage our future
if i could not!

ere cherished vices bid i adieu
recast my extérieure milieu
twixt youthful virtues mix gifts mature
'twere not meet that meet we two and sure
no wretch with contempt so keen imbue
if i could not!

(i can always add the commas later)
Tags: divorcing context, found bizarre/found bazaar, poems

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