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11/1 11:11:11

listening to 11:11 by regina at 11:11 on 1/11 [as a prelude to 11/11]. (not that this should be the only time or day one ought to be listening to 11:11 [far from it!])
penny farthing


be there, or be square!
(and i can't help but conject you're loathe to sacrifice your octagonality.)
although to be fair, a square pair, has, i figure, eight.
(with proper allineation).
neither numbers among the pernicious.
and, as "they" say, there is strength in numbers.
(there is everything in numbers
but not equally
which is, i suppose, the point)
i belabor,
circling the square's essence when
the root of this radical exhortation:
precisely, simply
being there
that should need to be imparted
(nothing imparted really so much as reported:
the existence of a place within the place
one could never cease to be
when one's being's there
in essence
lj is my squeeze machine

as a consolation for it being november and winter

great things are arriving.
i am so outside of the relevant loops that i've mobiushered myself to the inside that is outside of the outside, and i didn't even know that one of the great novels from one of my favorite novelists of all time had been filmed and with great actors. i do enjoy happy surprises though and so elevate it still further when i saw the first trailer commercial about a fortnight ago.

sight unseen i cannot vouch more a film's virtue.

ha. ha.


everyone who knows me here probably knows that there have been a lot of songs written about me over the years by various troubadours such as carly simon. the miracle of indie radio bythos who is playing songs only tangentially related to the holiday (when related at all) just reminded of me of one that i had so completely forgotten that it's almost as if i'd never heard it before in my life (perhaps i hadn't?). [i mean it's about one of the people i used to be -- we're none of us now all of the people we've been. how could we be all of them at once?] [i mean there are ways where it it's not about anyone i've ever been, but rather who i might have been, but for.] [of course just because a song was intended to be about me doesn't mean the songwriter perceived me accurately. carly certainly didn't! vain, my ass!]

and i forgive you (of course) for all the times you've skipped past videos i've linked to (i, of all people, couldn't blame you), but this one i think is worth its while. amazingly relevant lyrics below the cut, so as not quite to spoil the video (although i won't be shocked if you're all familiar with the song without refreshing your recollection).

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daft hunk

today i relearned

ric ocasek was the producer for one of the best albums of all time -- the blue album [notwithstanding his personal efforts of great merit]. we raised a glass and tipped our caps.
daft hunk

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Unwedded: yet rise now, and let us fly, for i will draw me into sanctuary, and bide my doom.' so lancelot got her horse, set her thereon, and mounted on his own, and then they rode to the divided way, there kissed, and parted weeping: for he past, love-loyal to the least wish of the queen, back to his land; but she to almesbury fled all night long by glimmering waste and weald, and heard the spirits of the waste and weald moan as she fled, or thought she heard them moan:

in your public life...
words that embody things that may be a part of you are "cage, gentle, hunt, jazz, record, satin, sight, smoke, user, witch".

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "ambush, anonymity, attention, body, bosom, cabal, chaos, chosen, circus, compliance, copper, crimson, crown, darkness, dictionary, drama, emissary, excitement, exhaustion, flute, focus, future, gangster, girl, grass, guide, hacker, hell, hermit, hero, hunger, invader, labyrinth, liberty, madman, mercy, mirror, movie, nation, number, numerology, obelisk, octopus, overlord, parliament, phoenix, poor, prey, prison, psychedelic, psychology, pulse, sacrifice, satisfaction, scorpion, sensuality, shame, sound, spirit, stone, struggle, succubus, supply, suspense, syzygy, tattoo, theory, usurper, warlord".

in your private life...
words that embody your presence are "ancestor, grotto, halloween, martyr, mustang, neptune, unholy, virtue".

words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "blues, dragon, finger, island, joker, rook, scream, shackle, slave, tiger".

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "civilization, entertainment, illumination".

in your spiritual life...
words that embody things that may be a part of you are "Car".

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "bitch, boy, cat, chronology, cloak, conspiracy, dawn, ear, fish, gun, lady, leg, rain, sin, wand, war".

mystery photo i addendum

i appreciate the thought that it's even feasible that i could be the driver in the photo and that i'd ever have spent a day driving a beauty like that around (and also that fantastic car [ba-dum dum]). interesting fox guess though -- one of my favorite people.

i thought the terrain and the scene might be recognizable to certain of my friends, but with few enough details shown, it's understandably less likely.

addendum photos below the cut

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